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Designing A Home That Suits You & Your Family!

Building a New Home will be one of the most important decisions you ever make, yet in most cases it seems the client is given a choice of plans, from the Builder’s set range.

Usually you can choose the paint colour and the fancy upgraded tapware, but what about the most important choices for your family – the layout and design?

There are so many stories that I hear each week, about families that have no real choice in their home design, seriously, this is crazy.

You are not buying a new TV or a new car that was manufactured in a factory and shipped to Australia – You are buying a NEW HOME.

A Home that needs to be built from the ground up – so logically, why can’t you have a design that suits what you want and not some Designer or Builder’s idea of a good Home.

This idea of a Builder using selected set of plans, used to be just limited to the Big Volume Builders. But now Small and Medium Builders are following the same trend.

This means less choice for Building Owners and an simpler job for the Builder, although I must say it really doesn’t save the Builder a lot of time or money.

Maybe it’s just laziness…


Every client has a different set of priorities in their design requirements.

  • Maybe for the teenagers, a Kids Retreat – where the teenagers can play Xbox and Mum and Dad don’t have to listen to it.
  • Or perhaps a Large Laundry, with loads of storage and overhead cupboards. That doubles as a Mudroom with an Entry from the Garage to the House.
  • Some families may want the Big Luxury Ensuite, with double everything.
  • Or a Large Outdoor Entertaining Area.
  • Or maybe you need a Home Office at the front of your Home.

At Braewood Homes, we can move walls to resize rooms, or relocate rooms from the back to the front of the Home.

It really doesn’t cost any more to build your personalised Home as long as you keep the size of your Home within the same meterage.

It doesn’t cost the Builder any more to have the Master Bedroom and the Ensuite at the front or at the rear of the House. And yet in the New Home Builder World, you would think it is like re-inventing the wheel – it’s just too hard…

When we think of individually designed Homes, most people think Big Dollar Signs…

For Architects and Expensive Builders, in some cases that’s right.

But it doesn’t have to be that way!

We have never built the same design twice. It's not that we can't, we have just never met two clients with the same requirements.

Our clients are Mums and Dads, probably just like you, building normal Homes. But the layout of their Home are individualised for each client and their family.

It doesn’t matter if you are a First Home Buyer wanting a 20 Square Home in a New Housing Estate or you are wanting a 50 Square Double Storey Knockdown Rebuild.

We take all of our clients through a design phase, were we sit down with you and one of our experienced design team members. We talk about the client’s family, lifestyle and what they want in their New Home.

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