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Designing A Laundry

Storage, bench space, the type of washing machine, a steam or regular iron and ironing space, a place for wet shoes and jackets and maybe even more.

Bathroom Design

Do you want a bathroom for function, beauty or both? Is the budget going to be spent on the family bathroom or is the ensuite going to be the special…

Real Grass or Fake?

I’m sure you have already decided on the areas to be decked or paved, that may be part of your package……. But the grass?!?

Solid Wooden Flooring

Flooring choices range from authentic polished wooden floors, to manufactured wooden flooring, to laminate to vinyl wood-look-a-likes.

Engineered Wood Floors

A cheaper flooring may only have a thin veneer of real wood, still qualifying for the title of Engineered Wood Flooring but not producing the expected high standard product.


Your choice of benchtop ranges from bamboo and timber to natural granite or marble to laminate (that can look like any choice of product) to Engineered Stone. And within each…