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Got Any Questions?

The Design Team at Braewood Homes love a challenge, whether it is fitting in extra features or rooms or solving a logistical problem for you. Asking questions can be just…

You Picked a Sloping Block

Our design team will work with you to plan your home, including the slope of the land - these will be combined to build you your dream home.

What do you really need?

What do YOU AND YOUR FAMILY need from your new home. It could be a good exercise to start by listing everything you want or need.

An Extra Living Area

Many homes today are designed with a large living area that incorporates the open living style of kitchen, dining and family/living area.

Garage Doors

Your garage door needs to complement the style, look and colour of the home façade you have chosen. The most popular choice seems to be a sectional door.

Garage Storage

The size of your new garage depends largely on how you wish to use it. Many different styles and modes of storage are available.