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You can never have too much storage, we all have a lot of ‘stuff’ in this material age. I’m not thinking about hoarders but just normal families like yours and…

Double Glazed Windows

Braewood Homes construct many new homes with double glazed windows. A double-glazed window is made from two panes of glass that have an airtight space between them.


The hallway’s task is to connect your living spaces to each other, when decorated this space introduces the visitor to your new home and can be an asset.


The windows you choose will have an impact on the first impression of your home. They are part of the overall look of your house.

Money Saving Choices

When you plan your new home, it might be a good time to make some decisions that could save you money in the future. The Braewood Design Team have many…

Building an Eco-Friendly Home

All new homes today, have to satisfy a certain Eco Rating, but if in the long term you want lower power and utility bills there are some extra steps that…