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The Wonder Building Product

The Wonder Building Product

What if I told you I could build your house with a product that supplies superior insulation from heat and the cold, noise reduction, increased fire rating and was environmentally friendly? Did I get your interest?

What if I added that it is beautiful, solid and comfortable to live in…
No, I am not talking about rammed earth walls or mud bricks (although they qualify too) – this product is relatively light, easy to handle and quick to build with. You have probably seen it on some building sites or on television adverts. It is Hebel!

Hebel comes in a range of forms: cladding – large bricks or panels, flooring and even fencing systems. Hebel has been used around the world for about 70 years and has been in Australia for 20 years. It is becoming a popular alternative to brick or weatherboard cladding. 

Hebel is manufactured in NSW from sand, lime, cement, recycled materials, gypsum and aerating agents. It is steam pressure cured in an autoclave then cut to shape and size. This process produces a lightweight, strong, fire resistant product known as Autoclave Aerated Concrete – AAC or to you and me…. Hebel.

Why would you choose to build with Hebel? If you are looking for a home with the current trendy render look finish, Hebel is a good choice. It would give you the advantage of a quicker build and the extra benefits of increased insulation against heat and noise. If you are looking to compare it to brick veneer (for me the best thing about bricks is no maintenance), it is as strong if not stronger and would need refinishing with a fresh coat of paint every ten years – not too bad. If you are hanging out for a more traditional weatherboard finish, Hebel is not for you – but CSR has the low maintenance, fire resistant, good looking alternative for this too.

For me – although I live in suburbia, the best quality is the fact that Hebel is bushfire rated – non-combustible! It has been tested by the CSIRO and proven to achieve Fire Resistant Levels of 60 to 240 minutes. It meets the requirements for all six Bushfire Attack Level categories. It is an ideal choice for bushfire zones or those outlying suburbs that we have seen in bushfire disasters over previous years. Anywhere with a natural bush or grass area nearby can be susceptible as well as homes backing onto natural gullies and parkland can be a bushfire risk.

Hebel provides a building material with so many excellent properties, that can build you a beautiful, unique home that fits your family. Your Custom Builder will have lots of ideas about the best use of this product to fit your family’s new home. It is an up and coming product that is being used increasingly and creatively. Ask a few questions of your Custom Builder, go and buy on block from Bunnings and have a play with it……

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