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I have just discovered that there is a great diversity in the type and style of windows. The windows you choose will have an impact on the first impression of your home. They are part of the overall look of your house. But, windows have a much bigger role to play in your home – they provide light in your rooms, ventilation through there openings, a view of the garden or outside living areas, and double-glazed windows could also provide insulation.

Then of course there are casement and awning windows. Both of these are operated by opening on a hinge, either by pushing the window open or winding it out. Casement windows operate by opening vertically. A popular choice is often a fixed window (light and view) with casement windows on each side. An awning window has a winder at the bottom of the window to wind out the window from the base. They provide ventilation, but only limited breezes or wind come through.

The type of window relates to the way the window is constructed and how it opens to allow ventilation. Traditionally windows were ‘double hung’ or sliders. Double hung windows slide vertically, either up or down, sometimes both to allow fresh air into the home (a single hung window has only one pane of glass that moves). Sliders open by sliding horizontally, they provide the maximum ventilation and come in many sizes, from small ones for the toilet room to large sliding doors with multiple stacker sliding doors that can provide a glass wall that can open to the outdoor living area.

Most windows are a combination of fixed and opening window panes, they can be of almost any size. Some more fancy combinations are bay windows, garden windows, external servers’ windows and even skylights.

The choice of windows for the home you have chosen will be one of the discussion points in your Design Meeting at Braewood Homes. The consultants will have suggestions, but you need to think about the type of window that best suits your family and the style of your home. You can choose different type windows for different rooms. For example: you may want a large fixed window as a picture window overlooking a lake, sliding frosted windows for the bathroom, a combination of fixed and narrower casement windows at either end for the children’s bedroom or perhaps stacker slider windows that open your family room up to the outside entertaining area.

The style of your window will match your house design and the effect you wish to achieve. Forty years ago, arched awning windows were the rage, then windows that divided into many smaller panels to create a traditional effect. The style is independent to the type, it is how the windows are shaped, trimmed, grouped together, sized and positioned on your home. 

The Design Consultants at Braewood Homes will guide you through your choices of not just windows but of all the elements that make your home unique to you. Designing your home with Braewood Homes is fun and empowering. You should give it a go….

The window style plays an important role not only on the look of the façade, but also on the interior and their placement in each room for aesthetics and ventilation and light functionality.

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