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Who Do You Call?

Who Do You Call?

I was part of a discussion on the weekend about house design. Different people had different views about where to go first. I have to admit that I got quite confused. Three professions were discussed – Architects, Designers and Decorators.

Decorators and/or Stylists are the wonderful people who can turn your very ordinary lounge room into a show piece. Give them a room and a budget and they will repaint, redecorate and style your room to make it beautiful. They won’t renovate your bathroom or kitchen, for that task you need a Designer.

A Designer will help you design your new kitchen, organise the companies and trades, purchase the necessary items and present it to you at the end. They will probably add little extras, like cookie jars, a coloured kettle, flowers etc. a Designer will not Knockdown and Rebuild your whole house.

An Architect can help you by drawing up plans to your specifications for a New House or a Knockdown Rebuild, but he can’t build it for you (he may have preferred builder associates). An Architect will ask many questions, listen to your ideas, and create a plan for your dream house. He doesn’t tend to design to a price, so when it is finished you may have to cut out some of your fabulous features to fit your budget.

My contribution to the discussion was “What about a Custom Builder”, they can design your house and organise their accredited builders to build it for you. A more complete package. When you go to a Custom Builder, they will listen to your ideas and then show you several plans that fit your descriptors; you can choose one of these as it is, or choose one or two to combine and make changes to fit your ideas. The Custom Builder will advise you on the practicality of your choices and work with you to create a suitable house plan. You check the plan out, make more changes, add or subtract some elements and produce a plan that is not only beautiful, suits your lifestyle needs, but importantly fits your budget.

Next, is choosing the internal fittings, a good Custom Builder will have a design room, where you can see and feel each fitting and look at them fitted into a room or maybe on a 3D computer simulation. Once again design advice is available from your Custom Builder or a designer that works for the company.

Plans created and fittings chosen, it is time to introduce you to your carefully chosen accredited builder. The guy that will be on site and be responsible for the building of your new home. The Custom Builder won’t do the job of the decorator, no cushions and artwork from them. But, I’m sure if you asked they could find a great decorator to include in your house package – most people like to decorate themselves – some with great flair and others….. nice.

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