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What do you really need?

What Do You Really Need?

When planning your new home there are many elements to take into consideration – let’s presume the two most basic ones of budget and location have already been decided. What do you and your family need from your new home. It could be a good exercise to start by listing everything you want or need.

How many bedrooms, bathrooms and living areas do you need? What is the major role of your kitchen- everyday living, entertaining or both? Do you require an indoor / outdoor flow and how big a garage is needed?

Has this got you thinking? The next useful step is to prioritise these elements from most important to least important. Linking the practical budget to this list and a square meterage constraint that matches your budget is what Braewood Homes does best.

Braewood Homes can take your priority list and work within the square meterage that matches your budget to provide you with your priorities for living. They work from your selection of a house plan and then re-design as much as you need to make your ideal house a reality.

Next, let’s look at your needs for living areas and the kitchen space, do you want this area integrated and open – as per the current trend, or do you need an additional living area that can be closed off and used in different ways as your family grows up. These are all your choices. The Braewood design team will help you plan your home to best suit your family.

Bedrooms are easy, one for you and your partner, one for each child (if you value world peace) and maybe a guest room (or an office that can be dual purpose). Where do you want these bedrooms – all together or split into an adult and kid zone. The bathrooms are fairly logical with proximity to the bedroom placement – but what do you need in each bathroom area? Luxury or function.

Even the laundry and garage will get serious consideration. Ask yourself – what needs to be kept in these areas, what additional functions, other than washing and storing your cars, do you need them to perform. Does the garage and laundry need to perform as a ‘mudroom’ and be the first point of contact in your house for muddy football gear, or storage of school bags? Does the garage need to store bicycles, canoes or water-ski gear?

All these roles need to be considered in planning. A garage that needs to store many items may need to be a metre wider, or a laundry may need extra custom shelving.

At Braewood Homes, our design team work with these puzzles all the time, they love a design challenge and will come up with varied and novel solutions to provide you with as many of your priorities as possible within the square meterage set by your budget. All this is part of the Braewood package – no extra charges for moving rooms (like some building companies). Better yet, when you leave a Braewood Design Meeting you will have your personally designed house plan and a firm quote in your hands – at no cost to you at this stage.

If you are seriously looking at building – Why not give it a try?

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