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Thinking About That Butler’s Pantry

Thinking About That Butler’s Pantry

Ah, I’m still thinking about that Butler’s Pantry. The questions raised last week have given rise to more! What do you really want your Butler’s Pantry to do? Is it just to store food products and maybe the glassware you rarely use? Is it a space to have your groceries, but also to have your appliances out on the bench ready to use? OR Is it to be like a second kitchen, with all the mess concealed? There are issues with all of these, the size will vary greatly for each one as will the cost. You really need to establish just what you want your Butler’s Pantry to do.

Let’s look at Version One – food products and storage for rarely used items. Open shelving would work well for the food products, cans, packets, clear containers with labels etc. But as you prepare a meal, you would need to leave the kitchen, go to a separate room, to collect each item you need, and then struggle back into the pantry to put everything away. To be perfectly honest, a large integrated cupboard could probably do this task better. And as for the glassware, it can go in any cupboard- you don’t really need most of it anyway!

Version Two  a space for all the grocery items, bench space to keep and use appliances and extra storage too. For most of us, this is probably what we will choose. The toaster can stay on the bench, the cupboard or shelf above could hold the plates and knives, bread, vegemite, jam etc (not sure about the butter). It all sounds very convenient, but then what happens to the mess – maybe it needs a sink and even a dishwasher for clean up! The pantry is evolving! It makes good sense to use the Thermomix or Slow Cooker in the Pantry, they can cook quietly out of sight to provide our yummy dinner while the kitchen stays tidy. But it would seem that a sink would be needed for these too – you are not going to take that mess out into the clean kitchen. That’s it I’m convinced, I need a sink in my Butlers Pantry!

Version Three – almost a second kitchen, but out of sight. It could contain an integrated microwave and conventional oven, an extra dishwasher, a wine fridge, a kitchen sink, all the appliances and even the groceries. I’m not sure that if you had one of these whether it would revert to the olden days where Mum cooked in a separate kitchen and just comes out to serve meals? Personally, I like to be part of the action, that’s why we all choose open living plans.

Your choice of a Butlers Pantry needs to suit your family’s individual needs, discussing these with a Custom Builder will enable you to plan the perfect Butlers Pantry for you. As for me, now I need to tell my son, that we need a sink in our Butler’s Pantry – and he thinks, it is already all planned……

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