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Should I use an Architect?

Should I use an Architect?

We have all heard stories about people employing an Architect to design their dream home and the types of problems that arise. Most Architects will demand their fee (maybe even upfront) whether you finish up using their plans or not.

Some Architects design a fabulous, creative home that is perfect in every way but cost. Others design a home that is more suited to promoting the Architect’s standing than answering your needs. And the good ones listen to you and your needs and abide by their Code of Conduct and try to work to a budget.

Architects are NOT cost consultants and good advice is to get your Architect designed plan assessed by at least two Cost Consultants before you try to build. Be aware that costs can rise quite dramatically over time, so if you start the process in January of one year and don’t start building ‘til January the following year costs will have escalated by maybe 10% or even more.

So what do I do?

One answer could be to go with a Custom Builder or Designer Builder that offers a complete service from Custom Designed Plans through the build to that final occupancy certificate that allows you to move in. 

Custom Builders are not Architects, they have not completed the same extensive training, but they do know how house plans work, how to design them and especially, how to accurately price their build with all services listed and included. Custom Builders can also create fabulous, creative plans, help you include all the features you want (if you can afford them), work through the selection of colours, finishes, door ware, bathroom and kitchen fittings etc. They know the building industry and processes, they can tell you how long your home will take to build, their final cost will already include all your variations and they will supervise your building process from the beginning to the end.

Braewood Homes are one of the best Custom Home providers in Melbourne. They offer individualised plans with accurate costings at your first meeting. You will sit down with one of their designers and together, develop a house plan that suits not only your needs and dreams, but also your budget. If your dreams are a bit too high the designers will suggest alternatives that may provide a similar effect but within your budget structure. It may be that you compromise one area for the dreams of another. Discussions will lead to a solution you are happy with – within the budget that you stated. The next step is to sign a contract and your new home is on its way. Imagine your excitement as you drive past and check its progress and that wonderful feeling when you get handed the keys to move into your new home.

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