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Real Grass or Fake?

Real Grass or Fake?

Your Custom Built Home is almost ready, you are looking to taking ownership and moving in, but……what about all that dirt outside? 

I’m sure you have already decided on the areas to be decked or paved, that may be part of your package……. But the dirt?!? 

Two logical solutions are to turf it, with ready grown grass or to use artificial grass.

Turf is fresh and natural! Definite plus. It still needs ground preparation – ideally by a professional, but you could do it yourself (there are plenty of instructional videos on the Internet). Turf will need 4-6 weeks of no or low traffic after laying, to ensure it grows into your soil and becomes established. It is very needy in terms of watering during this period, but you may have installed a sprinkler system. That’s it – beautiful natural grass, unless there is a drought, a digging dog or other disaster. To maintain it, someone needs to mow it weekly over Summer and every 2 or 3 weeks in the other seasons. There is no disputing that a well tended, natural grass lawn looks and feels wonderful in your front or backyard.

The other option is Artificial grass (not fake grass as I called it to the Rep from a top grass company). Artificial grass comes in many standards or qualities, from the 1 metre squares at Bunnings that only fake grass resemble real grass by their colour, to top of the line samples I experienced from Australian Grass Company. Their top of range example felt good, and even had a variety of tones of green and brown like real grass or you could select a more solid darker green colour of the same high quality. Artificial grass requires considerable site preparation and to be laid by professionals. I was very reluctant to consider artificial grass but it was really good. And to be honest, after seeing the best product, a lower quality artificial grass could not be considered. The Rep promised a guarantee against digging dogs and wild toddlers, he assured us it would last!

The bottom dollar – if it comes down to price, turf wins hands down! Turf laid by a professional was quoted at about $50 per square metre (to do it yourself, a 500mm X 1m piece of turf is $11 at big hardware stores) and artificial grass at about $100 per square metre. Both prices were dependant on the size, shape and slope of the garden. If money was really tight and time no option, the cheaper alternative would be seed!

I have to be honest, I am still thinking – turf, that is natural and likely to be destroyed by the weather, dogs and kids, and need replacing next year, OR artificial grass which is more expensive, is guaranteed against destruction by the weather, dogs and kids, requires no maintenance and will always (I think the guarantee was ten years) look good. I just don’t know………..

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