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My Kitchen Rules Part 2

My Kitchen Rules Part 2

The most important element of kitchen design for you, the client, is that your kitchen meets your specific needs. How do you plan to use your kitchen?

Over the past few years kitchen design has become part of an open living space. A place for a lot more than just meal preparation. The kitchen is now a multi-use area where you can now cook, eat, entertain, supervise children’s homework or just share a coffee with a friend.

Once you have chosen a Custom Home Designer and Builder, you will be asked to meet to decide on the elements of design for your new home. Your kitchen is probably the most important area to get right. Your basic layout may be partially dictated by your house plan, but if you have specific ideas take them with you to your meeting.

With a Custom Designed Home there is more opportunity to make the kitchen (and the rest of the house) everything you have dreamed of. A scrapbook or design board are a great idea to ensure a clear understanding of your ideas.

Areas to Consider;

Storage and Accessibility – Do you want drawers, cupboards or a combination of both? Think about how you could best access pots and pans, your dinner set, cups and glasses and of course the cutlery. Are you looking at just under bench storage or overhead wall cabinets, how do you see your new pantry? You could be looking at a walk-in pantry, tall multi-level cupboards or even roll out varieties. It is important to think about how each of these elements can best work for you.

Appliances – Cooktops and Ovens – Advice seems to generally be to go wide. Research these well, go to the stores like Harvey Norman and the Good Guys and have a good look at the range available. Do you need a gas plate suited for a wok, or like my family – want a separate grill, do you need a lot of oven space when entertaining? What do and your family require?

Appliances – Fridges and Dishwashers – General advice is to choose the best you can afford. Appliance can shine in your kitchen with their matt or polished finishes or be hidden behind integrated panels that match your kitchen cabinets.

Bench tops – Man-made versus Natural Materials? Bench tops are one of the most visible parts of your kitchen, and your choice will depend largely on the ‘look’ that you are aiming for. Marble and granite bench tops are beautiful and durable, but there are synthetic versions of these for less cost. Solid wood bench tops are on-trend at the moment or you could choose a laminate as a cost effective alternative.

Door and Cabinet Finishes – Doors can be full timber or come in finishes such as vinyl coated, polyurethane-matt, satin or gloss finish or in a laminate. Again, this is about how you want you kitchen to look and only to a lesser extent function.

Sinks – The current trend is for double bowl under-counter sinks, providing you with two deep bowls and a clean stream lined look on your bench top. One downside is they don’t have a drainage board, but I have seen several simple alternatives such a a metal drying racks and even a drainage sheet. Stainless steel sinks have a huge range to choose from, they vary from single bowl with or without a small drainage board, to double bowl and double drainage boards. It is all personal choice based on the ‘look’ and how you see yourself using it.

It seems like a lot to consider but a Custom Builder will walk you through all of these choices, making sure that you get the best kitchen for you and your family. Your kitchen can be designed to meet your very unique needs, aesthetically pleasing to the eye and within your budget.

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