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Mud Rooms

Mud Rooms

I thought this was a crazy topic at first! We are in Australia, most of us in suburbia, surely Mud Rooms are for snow zones or farms or on television in American shows! And then I started thinking, did a bit of research and guess what – they are a fabulous idea! Looking around my home at a glance there are shoes at the back door, thongs at the front door, a rain-jacket and dog lead on the linen cupboard door handle and kids shoes in the laundry – a Mud Room or Wet Room could eliminate this mess (and I wouldn’t have to pick it all up and put them away).

In a new Custom Built House (because these guys are more likely to add extras to your plan) a Mud Room would be situated at the internal door from the garage. It could be as simple as a widened passage with cupboards, purpose designed shelving and a seat to a separate room that could grace the cover of Home Beautiful.

Let’s look first at a Mud Room that is a widened passage way entry from the garage (for example 1 metre by 2 metres) – you need to think what you would need to put in this area for your family. With school age kids, school bag storage, a place for their shoes (especially footy boots!) and jackets. You would also want a seat wide enough to fit those bottoms while shoes went on without pushing or shoving. The best designs seem to have an integrated area with designated spots for each child. You would train your kids to come in, empty school bags and place them in their cubby hole or basket, take their shoes off and place on the shoe rack and come through to to kitchen to put lunch boxes on the bench and homework on the table. Oh….if only I had a Mud Room…..

The other Mud Room option is a dedicated room. Looking at various plans, I think the entry that comes from the garage with a Mud Room to the side and walk though laundry straight ahead or on the opposite side, appeals most. You would only go into this space when you needed to, rather than walk through it every time you entered. The other design that seems to work is well designed storage and seating that is directly at the entrance from the garage and completed with beautiful cabinetry that hides pull out drawers, specially designed shoe storage and even pull out vertical hanging for coats. Seating would still be needed, but everything else would look like panelled walling.

Even with a young couple, the Mud Room is still relevant. A place to store your sports gear, to unpack your basketball bag and put that sweaty uniform into the laundry. One photo I looked at had a designer/decorator shoe drier – a framed shoe width area covered in lovely pebbles to place your wet shoes on to dry off.

As for the oldies (no disrespect intended), they need a place to sit down swap their outside shoes for inside shoes or slippers, put the umbrella in a spot where it can always be found, and the wet jacket on a peg to dry. Everything in the same place makes life easier. For those oldies that like parachuting, bike riding or just walking the dog – a place for all your exercise gear could be designed too. 

A Wet Room seems like a great addition to any new home or old one (plenty of designs on Pinterest). Your Custom Builder will have ideas to assist you or take in some photos from the Internet of ones that suit you, he is the guy that can incorporate these ideas to make your perfect dream home.

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