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Money Saving Choices

Money Saving Choices

When you plan your new home, it might be a good time to make some decisions that could save you money in the future. The Braewood Design Team have many suggestions to save you energy and money. Last week we mentioned double glazed windows, orientation of your home, energy saving appliances, solar panels and so on.

This week Current Affair reported on an experiment they conducted with three families to see if the combination of solar panels and a Tesla Powerwall (battery) would actually save money on their electricity bills. The results were amazing. Over three months, including Summer use of air conditioning, they all made very significant savings. All the bills were below $50, with one family actually getting a payment from the electricity company.

Solar panels usually provide power to your home during daylight hours, with any power you have generated and not used, returning to the electricity grid. The return price per kilowatt is much lower than the price you pay to the supplier, and people have questioned whether it is really worth installing panels.

Is Solar Storage for you? This is an exciting time for Solar Power, new advances mean that you can gain more value than ever from your Solar Power Systems and become less reliant on the electricity grid. The new solar generation and battery systems created and installed on your new home are the best way to purchase this technology.

The Tesla Powerwall 2 was the solar battery storage supplied to the three families from Current Affair. It is an attractive white panel 1150mm high by 755mm wide and 155mm thick. It weighs 122kg and can attach to an external (or internal wall) of your home. It can store 14kW of electricity (the average home uses 18kW per day).

Will it really save money? The size of the system you install will partially dictate the savings you make. Your savings are dependent on free energy versus energy used by your household. Braewood Consultants can calculate the size of the solar system needed to couple with an appropriately sized battery system to reduce your reliance on the grid and power suppliers. Imagine if you didn’t have to pay power bills every month!

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