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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year

This is the crazy time when we all look a little bit more critically at our lives and think of all the changes we ‘should’ make. It might be to give up smoking, cut down on alcohol, fix up the backyard or even get a new home…

A new home – maybe a bedroom for each child, maybe you need a home office, you want to live in a different location, maybe you have just grown past your present home… Regardless of your reason, make a positive move – check your finances and credit possibilities, look at established homes in the area you fancy, go and look at some display homes and then if you’re really serious contact a Custom Builder – a person who can tailor design a home just for you.

Your first meeting with our Custom Builder, ‘Braewood Homes’, could be the best thing to ever happen to your family. If you go armed with ideas about what you want in a home and what you definitely don’t, and with a projected budget; a sit-down session with our Custom Builder will help you plan your perfect home. They will take into account your needs, lifestyle and budget. Your first meeting will be in a showroom that displays a range of each product and finish that will go into your home, a real hands-on look at the possibilities to choose from. You will leave the meeting with a house plan and price. You take this all home with you at the end of your first meeting to look at and decide on your next step. You can go back and make modifications (altering the price but at builders’ costs – far less than a Volume Builder would charge) and go ahead with building a future home.

Twelve months ago, one of our clients started this journey with ‘Braewood Homes’ and just before Christmas moved into their new home with their young family. Their home is beautiful and was designed around his needs. AND I really mean his needs – he owned an enormous ‘u’ shaped lounge suite that had been in storage for four or maybe five years, the design expert at ‘Braewood’ designed the whole living area around this lounge suite. In total honesty, it all looks fabulous – the lounge, very generous space all around it and the new giant television, that was ‘needed’, mounted on the wall.

They made their dreams come true, their old, early 1900’s house had cracks and multiple repairs were needed, along with expensive renovations to give them an extra bedroom and living space for their growing family. It was knocked down and the new rebuild is fabulous. Through thoughtful design of the front façade, the home still looks right in the area. It makes a totally different way of living for their family. Everyone has plenty of space, the new bedrooms, spacious living spaces, bathrooms and kitchen are lovely. It has made their family very happy. Now, they are busily working on the back and front gardens, to extend their living space to the outdoors.

The crazy days of the silly season are over, but perhaps its time for your family to move on from the home you’re in, and plan and build a new future. Our Custom Builder would be more than happy to sit down with you and to start the process. You may already have ideas or perhaps you need to visit some display homes, check out the homes of friends or go on the internet, in the words of the Nike slogan – ‘Just Do It’.

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