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Got Any Questions?

Got Any Questions?

When you go to plan your new home with our design team, you have already formed a visual picture in your head of the home you want. Most people do their research by looking at display homes, reading magazines, exploring home concepts on line and even by checking out their friends’ homes. You will probably also have a clear idea of what you don’t want as well. When you work with the design consultants, these ideas will consolidate into your individual house plan.

But, there will probably be some areas that you are not sure about. The Design Team at Braewood Homes love a challenge, whether it is fitting in extra rooms & features or solving a logistical problem for you. Asking questions can be just as informative as stating your needs and wants. The discussions arising from your questions can provide a real insight into your requirements.

One topic that has been discussed recently is whether laminated floor boards should be continued through the kitchen area. On the positive side is the continuous flow which adds to the look of the living area, on the negative side is the question of what happens when the three-year-old floods the kitchen by leaving the tap running in the sink. Can laminated floor boards stand up to a large volume of water? Most people tile the bathrooms and laundry areas… You can purchase waterproof laminated floor boards, and I personally have tested some of these and the water does pool on top and not seep through the joins, but in a major flood – probably even tiles and the underfloor would have issues. This is one of the questions you could ask our Design Team, and if they genuinely don’t know the answer, I can assure you they will find out. A simple answer could be an overflow valve in the kitchen sink…

Another question that is often asked, is whether your garage access to the house should be through the entry area or the laundry. This house is yours and it has to work for you. Do you want the laundry to be the drop off area for shoes, school bags and sports equipment (the Mud Room concept) or do you want to come straight into the living area from the garage? Some families compromise by having storage for shoes, sports equipment and school bags in the garage near the door, you would also need a seat to put on shoes on the way out. The Braewood Design Team, are good at sharing alternative scenarios, so that you can make the most appropriate choice for your home.

The style of your shower can also cause some confusion, traditionally showers had glass doors to keep the water in the enclosed space, but now many have only a sheet of glass and the rest is open. What style would work best for you? It may be that you need a door in the family bathroom, but can go with a more open style in the ensuite. And what about double showers, ‘rainhead’ showers or hand-held ones, lots of decisions! Again, the Design Team can help with these choices. You may consider the volume of water going through per minute or perhaps luxury is more important. Keep in mind that you do not want the family bathroom shower to be too good or you will never get the children (or even worse- the teenagers) out of there.

Come to your design meeting with your wants and don’t wants, but bring your questions along too. By discussing the pros and cons, most questions can be resolved and you can make knowledgeable decisions that are just right for your unique family home. Your Design Meeting with Braewood Homes is your opportunity to create a unique home that suits you, your family and its needs and your budget.

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