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Garage Storage

Garage Storage

The size of your new garage depends largely on how you wish to use it. Do you want it to be in place of a shed, a workshop, a home gym or just somewhere to store bikes, balls, boxes of stuff or in an absolute minority of cases just to park your car?

Many different styles and modes of storage are available, from the budget solutions offered by Bunnings to specially designed modular storage solutions designed exclusively for you and your needs. Your Custom Home Builder won’t design your storage but the knowledge of how you want to use your garage will assist in calculating the size and shape it needs to be.

Let’s start with the cheaper but still effective storage systems. ‘BUNNINGS’ offer a range of garage/shed metal shelving of various widths and heights. Some come with movable shelving to allow for the most economical storage on your shelves. Prices range from $100 to about $300. They also supply the components, so you can build your own custom storage with wider or taller shelves. Bunnings have flat pack workbench stations and a variety of tubs and storage hooks to keep everything tidy.

STEELSPAN’ provide freestanding modular storage that can fill your every need. You can store on shelves, behind locked cupboard doors, on pegboards and in tool drawers. A neat and tidy garage with everything in its place that can be added too or packed up and moved to your next home. This option is definitely more expensive, but good quality and purpose chosen for a reasonable value.

GARAGETEK’ offer a service that includes an obligation free appointment where one of their sales staff will come to you, listen to your storage needs and design the best storage option for you. They come back and install it all for you, all you need to do is fill up the cupboards and shelves, hang your bikes and surfboards on the wall and keep it tidy from then on!

Garages and garage storage are like all parts of your Custom Home, the more thought and research you put into your needs and possible solutions, the better the finished outcome will be. Extending a completed garage 2 years after moving into your home is not a practical option. Make some lists of all the possible ‘stuff’ that may find a new home in your new garage and check out some possible solutions, there are a lot of companies on the internet that can assist.

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