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Garage Doors

Garage Doors

Most new homes have their garages facing the front street and the garage is integrated into the frontal aspect of the home. As many homes have over 20% of their frontage as a garage door, it is important to make the right choice. Your garage door needs to complement the style, look and colour of the home façade you have chosen.

At Braewood Homes, your Design Consultant will be able to suggest garage door styles that suit your plans and building materials. A quick check on the internet will reveal the many possible choices. The traditional roller door is still available in a range of colours and is a cheaper option. 

The most popular choice seems to be a sectional door. This door still moves upwards as with the traditional roller door but is constructed in wider horizontal sections making a much more extensive range of design styles available. The range of styles linked with colour options means your garage door can be as unique as your home.

Steel-line Garage Doors’ has a comprehensive range of sectional garage doors, from slimline to wider designed horizontal sections, with a choice of 2 to 5 panels across each section and a variety of panel designs. If that range doesn’t suit your design style they also have a Speciality range that include decorative, glass panels at the top providing extra light inside when the garage door is closed. The Speciality range also include sections and panels framed with aluminium and an alternative construction from an aluminium composite material. This company also provides a range of doors constructed from bio-wood for another completely different effect.’ Steel-line’ is just one of many companies that provide garage doors but I was taken with its comprehensive and easy to use website including a ‘design your own door option’.

Ultimately, your choice of garage door needs to be an asset to your new home. It needs to complement the style and finish of your unique Custom Designed home. The garage door needs to be functional as well as an integral part of the frontage of your home, not a stand-alone feature.

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