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Designing A Laundry

Designing A Laundry

A laundry needs to be one of the most practical rooms in your new home. Custom Builders will have lots of designs and pictures to show you, but you need to decide exactly what you want your laundry to do for you. Storage, bench space, the type of washing machine, a steam or regular iron and ironing space, a place for wet shoes and jackets and maybe even more.

I suggest starting with your washing machine choice. Front or top loader? Front loaders seem to be the current choice of most people. Front loaders have an advantage in your laundry as they fit under a bench giving you additional bench space. According to many young people I know, you no longer need to sort your laundry with a front loader – me, I’m not so sure!

Bench space – can you ever have enough? I only have 750mm, and that is not enough! I would suggest a minimum of 1.5 metres if you can manage it. Bench space has to be balanced with storage. What exactly are you going to store in your laundry. You need space for dirty washing, wet washing and clean, dry washing. A space for cleaning products and brooms, mops and the vacuum cleaner or hose if it is ducted, these are all minimum requirements. What type of storage will work best for you, drawers or shelves? Some people have spaces for school bags, beach towels and even the linen cupboard. You need to think about what you need your laundry to store and what type of storage is best.

A dryer is almost a necessity with today’s busy lifestyle. Choose one to suit you, I prefer the ones that turn off automatically when the clothes are dry over the ones you set a timer on. Don’t forget to check the stars that indicate energy efficiency – keep that electricity bill down. Another choice might be a roof or wall hung drying line in the laundry. Some of them fold up when not in use. Perhaps you would prefer a folding clothes rack that sits over a heater vent or in the sun shine. Lots of options to choose from.

I don’t know about you but I hate ironing! Even so, it needs to be done! Do you want an iron and ironing board stored in one of your cupboards that you get out and set up each time or a fold down ironing board (check that these are well supported or they bounce when you iron). If you choose a steam iron it may need to be left set up on a bench top – they are fairly heavy.

Now for the most important part (whoops!), the aesthetics of the laundry. Your laundry should be very practical and yet beautiful too. Think about your bench tops, cupboard fronts and flooring. Many people choose to continue the style from the kitchen and this always looks good. You can add a few shelves to put your designer laundry items on – these score well on the television renovation shows. 

A laundry can be a practical and beautiful space to complete your washing chores. Your Custom Builder will have some good ideas, but make sure they fit your needs. Write yourself a list of how you want to use your laundry, thinking of all the different functions it needs to be able to accommodate.

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