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A clever Custom Builder Can Solar Cool your New Home!!!!!

A Clever Custom Builder Can Solar Cool your New Home!

Air Conditioners Vs Evaporative Coolers

Choosing the type of cooling for your home is a personal preference, however your Custom Builder can help you make a more informed decision. Evaporative Coolers and Air Conditioners both serve the same purpose – to cool our homes or work spaces. However, these two systems operate very differently with very different ways of operating, different running costs and environmental effects.

How do Air Conditioners and Evaporative Coolers Work?

Air Conditioners work like your fridge, they extract air, refrigerate it and move it to a warmer place. By recirculating the air in a closed environment, the room is cooled. Evaporative coolers do almost the opposite, they suck in warm air from outside, process it through filters and add water to the air causing a cooling process, and then pump this cooler air through, and out of the house through open windows and doors. Your home is cooled by the moving air.

Running of Air Conditioners vs Evaporative Coolers

Air Conditioners are relatively expensive to run, and usually one unit is used in each roomer living area, (whole house ducted systems are available but very expensive!), and people often will not turn them on until a room is getting really hot. Evaporative Coolers are cheaper to run and create comparably much lower carbon emissions than Air Conditioners. Evaporative Coolers are generally installed through a ducted system to service living and bedroom areas. Being more economical they are generally turned on earlier and left to run overnight, greater comfort to all.

Effectiveness of Air Conditioners vs Evaporative Coolers

On a 28-degree day with normal humidity there is probably no difference. An Air conditioner is probably more effective on hotter days, but only if you keep the area closed up. If the office door is opened frequently, effectiveness will be greatly reduced. In a home where small children often abide by closed doors, is not a reality! Overall in Melbourne’s climate, an evaporative cooler is a more economical and effective form of cooling.

Now for my claim at the start;

A good Custom Builder can set up those solar panels on your roof to service your house’s usage before going to the grid and therefore power your Evaporative Cooling without any extra costs during daylight hours – a cool home when you come home from work! A ‘Secret’ the power companies are not sharing!

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