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Butlers Pantry

Butler’s Pantries

Today our homes are all about open living spaces. Our kitchen is part of the family and dining area. If you are like me, I am sure you have despaired about the kitchen mess being on display. I am sick of my kitchen benches always having things on top of them. So I am going to build a Butler’s Pantry (I wish I could have the Butler too!).

Researching Butler’s Pantries was very interesting, they ranged from the extreme – a huge space with sinks, stoves, fridges, dishwashers, windows and storage, to a sink and storage hidden behind folding doors. 

For the more average person, I found out that a Butler’s Pantry should be at least 1600mm wide and 2400mm long and include a bench top as a minimum. This gives room for cupboards and a benchtop down one side and a 1m walkway – sounds sensible. The next suggestion was to add open, shallow shelves on the side opposite the cupboards, only about 20 -30 mm deep, to store traditional pantry items.

Of course the above dimensions are a suggested minimum, depending on your budget and your needs, your Butler’s Pantry can be whatever dimensions you choose. Your Custom Builder will have some ideas to share with you and will be able to fit your Butler’s Pantry into your dream house.

One of the clever suggestions I found, suggested walking around your current kitchen and listing all the things you would like to move, perhaps check out other places you have platters and glasses stored too. I did this and finished up with a huge list and also a list of questions. Obviously, the kettle, coffee maker and microwave were first to go from the bench tops, then all the extra platters and cooking appliances in the corner cupboard (I thought we could dispose of the ice cream machine – with only one use and a failure in about ten years). Mine will need a lot of space!

And then questions: If I cook my toast in the Butler’s Pantry do I take the plate and butter in with me? What about the cups for my cup of tea – I thought they were going in a kitchen drawer? Does the Slow Cooker cook in the pantry- if so do I need a vent or range hood? 

All questions to be discussed with the rest of the family, or probably more to the point, with the Custom Builder and then decide for myself!

As I sit here typing this, I have a giant smile on my face, picturing my new kitchen with nothing on its benches other than a designer vase of flowers and perfectly arranged fruit bowl (I am trying to forget about the two year old and her stool), knowing everything else has a new home, ready for action in my new Butler’s Pantry. If only I could have a Butler too….

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