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Bathroom Design

Bathroom Design

Building a new home with a Custom Builder means a large choice of bathroom design. When you build with a Volume Builder, the bathroom size and costing of your fittings will be predetermined by the house plan you choose. You can upgrade the fittings and finishes at a cost, but changing the structure of the room will be costly. With a Custom Builder this is not an issue, you make your choices about room size, finishes and fittings before the plan is finalised.

Some questions for you. Do you want a bathroom for function, beauty or both? Is the budget going to be spent on the family bathroom or do you want the ensuite to be the special room?

Some people choose to make the family bathroom the more economical one – but still beautiful of course, and the ensuite more deluxe. The height of the tiles, size of the room, bench tops and vanity and bath choices can all make a huge difference.

Family bathrooms need to be functional! Think about the before school rush with two or three teenagers… an unlimited budget would suggest ensuites for all of them! Don’t we all wish we could design without budget restraints?

Back to that family bathroom – a double vanity and lots of mirror space seems essential, along with a bath for the toddlers or a good soak after a tough day in the garden. Make sure if this is the only bath that it is long enough for a tall adult. Next is the shower – I have now been converted to the luxury of a rain shower head accompanied by a hand held shower head (I may have had to share the shower with my grand daughter who insists on being in charge of the hand held shower). Don’t forget a toilet too, it is the current trend to have one in each bathroom.

We have got the function worked out, now how to put it together. Your Custom Builder will have ideas and photos to show you to assist the design. Some people choose to use a combination of tiles and painted walls (a cheaper option) that can look really good. A nice double vanity maybe with top mounted basins and smart tapware. Some of the latest computer packages that Custom Builders use can put your choices together in a 3D screen display.

Now what about the ensuite, are you going all out here or would you prefer the family bathroom to be your show piece? Upgrading either room to ‘luxe’ with your Custom Builder is relatively simple. Size is one of the factors that give that luxury feeling. Tiling to ceiling height also lifts the tone of the room, maybe with a tile feature wall. Deluxe fittings and finishes are also important to give that resort or spa feeling. Some of the showers I have seen on line, really lift the tone – large shower areas with rain heads for two as well as wall shower heads that keep you totally pampered. A choice of a bath or spa in an ensuite is personal – would it really be used?- I know several people with ensuite spas that have only had minimum use.

My best advice would have to be, have a look around at photos and display homes and decide on a design that is right for you. If you have a limited budget your Custom Builder could give you a ‘luxe’ room by making clever choices of the bathroom components. Talk to him or her, exploit their knowledge to get you the bathroom you want.

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