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An Extra Living Area

An Extra Living Area

Many homes today are designed with a large living area that incorporates the open living style of kitchen, dining and family/living area. A great idea, the family spends more time together as a unit making for closer bonds between family members.

An extra living room opening off the main living area with its own double doors can be a huge asset throughout the life of your family and home.

With a young family, especially toddlers and pre-schoolers, you need them playing close by so that you can observe and assist them with problems and interaction with others. The toddlers usually want to be close by, so that extra room would work well as a play space. I have even seen playrooms set up with toddler swings and slides! The double doors allow for clear vision and supervision of the younger family members, but, can also be closed to hide the chaos when you are entertaining.

Let’s move on to the next age group, your primary school age children, they will be wanting access to computers, Xbox or PlayStation, as well as a space for their Lego and drawing and craft materials. One of the most important safety rules with computers and young users is that parents can monitor what they are doing online, how they interact with others online and what they are accessing! Computer Safe Behaviours. Open double doors means, not only can you see your children, but that they know you are observing their computer use, generally reducing problems in this area.

The next group is our young teenagers, and the same computer safety rules apply with them. It is well known that social media provides not only a source of communication, but also the potential for cyber bullying. At this age, that clear vision of your teenager, may prevent some of the problems associated with bullying and misuse of the Internet. As an ex school teacher, we always told the students that if you wouldn’t stand up in assembly and say something, DON’T write in online – unlike the spoken word there is always a record of what you have written on a computer and the Internet.

Older teenagers are considered adults from 18, and as such can hopefully be trusted to use computers correctly, at this age they may choose to have their computer in their bedroom. One for you to decide on for your family.

Now, I can hear you saying, the kids have grown up and we don’t need a playroom… Now is the time for the home owners to have a turn. Sometimes, as adults, although we like to spend time together, we want to do different things or watch different types of shows. Your extra living area could be redecorated as a home theatre where Dad can watch car renovation shows or loud violent movies, and Mum might prefer background music while she reads or watching the Lifestyle channel. Your extra living area would work well in this capacity. Although, if you are thinking of this type of use down the track, soundproofing in the walls and solid doors would be a good idea.

At Braewood Homes, we can design a room like this that opens from your living area. There may be four bedrooms on your original plan and the square metres from one of these could be used to make a playroom / computer games / home theatre area for your family. Just something for you to think about. Braewood is all about designing and building the perfect plan for your family.

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