For When You Really Don't Want To Move.


A Knockdown Rebuild is less risky than renovating

Renovations are known for being high-risk projects that often run over time and over budget. The biggest problem is that you never know what you're going to uncover when you pull up the floorboards! This 'unknown' factor means that your renovation is more likely to take longer and run into unforeseen construction challenges resulting in 'hidden' costs that you may not have budgeting for.

You may also need to upgrade other aspects of your current home - like re-stumping or rewiring - to adhere to building or council regulations. This means budget blowouts and major stress for you and your family.

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We will show you our large selection of standard plans and then discuss all the inclusions and optional items available for your wonderful new dream home.
The Sales Consultant then prepares a comprehensive quotation for your new home, the quotation includes all of your selected items, including demolition costs.
The quote is prepared right there in front of you and is handed to you before you leave the meeting. So you will know at the first meeting if your budget is going to work and at this point you haven’t spent a cent!!!!!

Every Braewood client has a one on one meeting with our design team.

In this meeting we move things around on your selected plan to suit you and your family, providing the home does not increase in size or specification the quoted price won’t either. Sometimes the changes are slight, other times we start from scratch with the design. It’s totally up to you!!!

It doesn’t matter how much you want to change, we believe the design must be the perfect design for you and your family’s lifestyle.
If, during the design meeting, you decide to make the home bigger or smaller, we can tell you at the meeting how much you are spending or saving based on the requested change.
You are always in charge of your spend.

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The Advantages of Knockdown Rebuild

Download Your FREE Guide On Knockdown Rebuilds With Braewood Homes!

We value your privacy and would never spam you

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